About us

NS Modz are a brand from the United Kingdom specializing in the designing, development and manufacturing of high quality accessories for the vaping industry.

Our products are 100% UK made all the way from the very first product designing process to sourcing high grade materials and the machining operations. Attention to detail is key when designing our products, we prototype products to test and once we are happy we go ahead with production. 

The aim for us is to produce aftermarket accessories made to a high quality as standard and release our items onto the market at fair and competitive prices. We want our customers to experience the great satisfaction of all the possibilities when it comes to customizing their devices just as much as we do.

Here at NS Modz we are grateful for the opportunity to share a place in the market alongside a host of other manufacturers and bring our products into the fantastic community which we all know and love. We are always working extremely hard behind the scenes at NS Modz and everything is run by a very small team.

We pride ourselves on customer service and hope that every one of our customers leaves feeling satisfied with their NS Modz experience, we also can not stress enough how much we truly appreciate our customers for supporting our brand and believing in our products. 

To each and every one of you, thank you from all of us at NS Modz